We would like to invite you to cooperate in trading high quality pellets.
On request we can send samples and calorie tests. We have production and commercial opportunities throughout the year.
We have been in the pellet market since 2014 and our motto is the highest quality of both the product and the service.
We only use the best raw materials from sawmill, high purity and without any additives.
We offer good quality products and services. Competitive price. Secure order / fast shipping.
We serve wholesale customers, importers, distributors, DIY networks, institutional clients (municipalities, educational units, production facilities, community and housing cooperatives, farms, etc.).
Stable and uniform delivery of pellets throughout the year will ensure financial stability and enable better planning of production, logistics and cost reduction.
We have conquered many world markets and hope you will join our satisfied customers.


Pellet is an ecological fuel produced by pressing sawdust from boards, rafters, beams and furniture of trees. During the production process waste material is created; so called sawdust. By pressing this material you can get a pellet that is a material:

  1. High calorific value - about 5.3 kWh per kilogram of pellets (1 ton of pellet replaces 470 liters of fuel oil, 572 cubic meters of natural gas, 429 liters of LPG, 0.79 ton of high-calorie coal)

  2. Leaving a small amount of ash after burning in the oven (0.3 - 0.5%),

  3. Easy to store (1 ton of pellet packed in bags of 15 kg and 25 kg takes about 2 m3, pellet loose occupies 1.7 m3;

  4. Ecological (ashes formed after burning pellets can be used as a fertilizer on a lawn or garden);

  5. Zero CO2 emissions "- the amount of CO2 that is generated during pellet combustion is equal to the amount of CO2 that the growing plants use during photosynthesi,

  6. Free from harmful substances;

  7. Not emitting unpleasant and unpleasant to man;

  8. Non-allergenic;

  9. Ergonomically refined unit packages;

  10. Clean in use - do not dirty rooms like other solid fuels such as coal (called Eco-pea), wood, coke or coal.


Features of our wooden pellets:

  1. Diameter: 6 mm

  2. Length: 6-30m

  3. Humidity: 5-7

  4. Ash content: 0.4%

  5. Calorific value: 17.78 MJ / kg.

  6. Production capacity: 1200 tons / month - seamless delivery to customers throughout the year,

  7. aw material: oak, birch, pine or mix.

Our product is not only ecological, but also gives measurable savings in use.
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The EN A1 certificate is issued only for companies whose products are of excellent quality and meet all legal and environmental remedies.
A company with this certification guarantees the highest quality product.